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More Germany Genealogy cases cracked by using the known or even Unknown MIDDLE name!

PhotoBetseylee Browning: “We have an excellent success rate on this site. We just solved Norm Black’s [Germany Genealogy] brick wall. Yours could be next if we have enough info to work with. Please comply with the questions asked by Karl-Michael (our in house genealogy guru).”

On a site where I do massive pro-bono work, I, Karl-Michael Sala finally & officially obtain “guru” status{:>) Nice to have other gurus to assist with my European genealogy slam-dunks & 3-pointers & back-flips with double-twists, followed immediately by a front-flip with a 1 & 1/2 twist. Yes, I did that as a sophomore on the trampoline in high school in Dayton, Ohio. At Regionals, in my very 1st year, I placed 9th & was voted Most Improved, 1970. Yes, this does have an impact on my actions, attitude, demeanor & results{:>)

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