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96th Endearing Endorsement for German Genealogy from a Genealogy Book Printer!

Bill Werkheiser, President at SE PrinTech, Inc. Savannah, Georgia Area Printing










Bill Recommends
Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979!
GERMAN GENEALOGIST (Ancestry & Family History Research for Germany & Prussia) at Accredited Genealogist (German)

Karl’s expertise is unparallelled when it comes to genealogy research. You may wonder why you would pay someone to do research for you especially if you enjoy doing the research which is why you have an interest in genealogy. Well, time is money, and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to stall at a given point and time. Karl can accomplish in hours what may take days or even weeks to accomplish. He also has an attitude that he never gives the customer enough so he usually does twice the work than what they bargained for. Give him a project and not only will you agree, you’ll be back as his efficiency in research is well worth the small investment. May 8, 2012

Bill Werkheiser (President at Genealogy Book Printing ) was a consultant or contractor to Karl-Michael at Accredited Genealogist (German).

Karl says:  When your research is complete & you are ready to have your ancestry, genealogy & family history published, click the link to the right where I wrote: “Yes, Genealogy Book Printing!”

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