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Austrian German Genealogy case cracked on FamilySearch’s Germany/Prussia Research Council (Facebook) page

Robin Foster   I love the teamwork that brought down this brickwall! Nice GERMANY/PRUSSIA!

Karl-Michael Sala Good work, Debbie Furgat Dunn! Contrary to the patron’s (oh, that’s you) line of thought, changing the letter R to an S, the Matzling as Maeteslinck IS a VERY close phonetic match! I’m buying it, at least to get the records for THAT place. The Z in that word is pronounced like an s after the t & the -ing is pronounced precisely like -inck! Because we want an Austria location, THIS is phonetically as close as it gets, my friend! “You gotta Like the teamwork, baby”{;>) I believe we might just about have this one in the bag! You get to now ascertain what church & what the parish would be for the Matzling location in an Austrian (Österreich) gazetteer! I would like your post, but for some reason, it is not accepting any comments or likes, so I’ll Like it here.

  Debbie Furgat Dunn Wooo hooo! Thanks this is a huge leap forward for me.

  • Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community Betseylee Browning: I found a great site for your research, a pdf actually called A Beginner’s Guide to Austrian Research: Using gazetteers, church records, military records and population registers to find your ancestors by Steven W. Blodgett, AG, MLS This article describes all the gazateers that are available. I think gazateers for Austria are going to be your best bet.

  •   Karl-Michael Sala And thus we see just how much difference one letter can make (R vs S)! Love the teamwork, Betseylee & Debbie Furgat Dunn! Let’s do it again. Who’s next?{:>)


  •  Debbie Furgat Dunn ‎:) thanks Betseylee, the help from you both is great. I’m through my brick wall!

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