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ANOTHER FAMILY HISTORY MYSTERY SOLVED! “Brisen” given as a birthplace in the 1870 Census is not a town–it is one Germanic pronunciation of Preussen (Prussia)!

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BRISEN: Wuerttemberg (the correct spelling without the umlaut) is also often misspelled in USA records. Yes, the 1870 Census birthplace entry of Brisen is odd. Indeed, there is no such town as “Brisen” per se in the entire pre-WW1 German empire.

BRIESEN: Out of all 20+ BriEsen entries in the pre-WW1

    Meyers Orts- und Verkehrslexikon des Deutschen Reichs

, NONE of them was a part of Prussia–the indication of the place of birth in the client’s 1880 Census entry.

PRUSSIA auf deutsch, i.e. in German, is Preussen. In the spoken German, the B & the P are pronounced quite similarly; indeed somewhere between a B & a P. On my mission for the Savior in Essen, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, our ward mission leader’s name was Brother Beck, i.e. pronounced almost, in German, like Bpruder Bpeck.

The “eu” is normally pronounced like the English “oi,” but in some dialects it is pronounced like a long “i.” Thus, you have Brisen, pronounced like Brysen = Prysen = PREUSSEN = PRUSSIA! This fully explains why you can find so many people who were born in Brisen!

Brisen, per se, as a TOWN of origin will now be officially dismissed as a viable option. Rheinland, indeed, was a part of Preussen.

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