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Our current research cases & projects in process of resolution.

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2010: My Turn on Earth (Time is Short, Folks)  Kassel and the Region Kassel and the Region
In 2009, I’ve had some stunning successes. For at least two clients, I could not find any USA nor European vital records for them. Those clients are granted from me additional research time &/or 10% interest, i.e. in terms of additional research credit.

I’ve offered a very generous discount for German Genealogy research (50% on your initial retainer)! In spite of past successes, so few clients & prospects have taken me up on it. Sooo–I declare that I will begin to focus on my own German Genealogy research & compilations, data entry, translations, cataloging, etc. ad laudeum! I’d prefer to work on my own case, however, if you wish to take advantage of this great offer, I will most probably make some time for you. Please let me first look at your case. Email me the research details TODAY! But, due to my very high success ratio & tremendous track record in German Genealogy research, be prepared to pony up!

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Want to hire a German Genealogist for your German Genealogy? Go with a proven one: Karl-Michael Sala!

Karl-Michael Sala = The German Genealogist
Karl-Michael Sala = The German Genealogist
50% discount on your initial international genealogy research retainer! So, the larger your retainer, the bigger the research bang for your buck!

10% RESIDUAL (yes, on-going) research credit or commission paid out for referrals! Unheard of! But then, since 1979, Karl is always performing unheard of research practices & procedures. To wit, Karl is having “heard of” research successes for his global, international German genealogy research clients!

To wit: Since 1979, The German Genealogist, Karl-Michael Sala, has found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, friends, family, patrons & himself !

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Massive old German handwriting translations for my own ancestry–what a concept!

Kassel-State Church-Archive
Kassel-State Church-Archive
Got German Genealogy? Email your query today. Time is short. Send your retainer today & get a 50% discount on your initial genealogy research retainer. The more you send, the more for which you will get TWICE AS MUCH RESEARCH! I am now slowly, albeit surely, translating the crucial words within the paper images of my Kassel-area, Hessen, Germany ancestral family entries from the Landeskirchlichen Archivs Kassel, Hessen, Germany. These are births, confirmations, marriages & deaths!

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Using “Prussian Genealogist” as a search parameter, after more than a decade, a past client finds Karl-Michael Sala & hires him again!

Grant Sommerfeld, client of = Karl-Michael Sala =
Grant Sommerfeld, client of = Karl-Michael Sala =
September 12, 2009
Recommendations for International German Genealogist at

Grant Sommerfeld (client)
Grant hired you as a Genealogical Research in 1996 {1}
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“”Over a decade ago, I had the pleasure of hiring & working with Karl-Michael Sala, Accredited Genealogist (German), when I hit my first roadblock in my “Germans from Russia” genealogical research. I found his North American and European research, as well as his follow-up telephone & mail support to be excellent. Karl-Michael Sala, now a/k/a, helped get me onto the right track and my research has continued. I am now about to begin another phase of work with this professional and committed genealogist. Why? Because I found him by having done a search of “Prussian Genealogist.” It is his modus operandi to communicate well and spend extra time to obtain some good digital data, documents and images for his clients.”
Service Category: Genealogical Research Year first hired: about 1996

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Another German ancestral village of origin ascertained!

7 June 2009: Another German ancestral village of origin ascertained! Got US, immigration or Euro-German Genealogy? No guarantee, but I’ll give it my best. No find? No fee! Minimum $1,000 for that contingency option. $600 minimum for $60/hr rate. 50% discount on your 1st retainer! So, the more you send, the more double research you get!

I work foundations & framing prior to working on the “roof.” Every time I try to do the roof first, the structure collapses on me. Life is short. I’ve a few more cases to crack left in me. karlmsala at msn .com

Lynell & Karl Sala, grandparents to two beautiful grandsons, Korben & Sterling, since 2 Jan 2009, live at:

410 S SADDLE ST * GILBERT, AZ 85233-6810
602-503-0775 = 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr US/CAN toll-free)

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Wekkenmann2 transcription
Client Report for Diane Gray: In short, the target ancestor apparently, without the correct method, emigrated from Germany. In 1871, he returned to his homeland for a visit and is trying to resolve an old debt.

Due to too many images, my having tried to upload this report failed. I have put the second translation on your behalf in The Box on this website. Please forgive my ignorance, at which I apparently excel as much as I do with research!, Karl-Michael Sala 1-888-456-7252 annotates, crops, dissects, edits, enlarges, transcribes & translates Weckenman2 document (renamed Wekkenmann2). Other interesting documents are yet to come, but not all of their transcriptions will fit within the most recent client retainer. Thank you for sending the final retainer for these translations, editings, enlargements, croppings & reportings!

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Want German genealogy research? Get 50% discount until 31 March 2009!

Until 31 March ’09, for a 50% discount, email us NOW your German-American or German-European genealogy research dilemma, inquiry, problem, quandry, query!,  With our overall 99%+ research success ratio in locating new digital data, documents & images for our clients, patrons & ourselves, please be prepared to pony up! {;>)  We will not build the “roof” of your ancestral research until we have firmed up your foundation & framing.  Please do not ask us to work on your ancestral “roof.”  This is how we have saved our clients THOUSANDS of dollars & hours!  Expensive?  No.  Expensive is when you spend 30 years just TRYING to find what usually DO FIND in 1 hour!

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The Passion for Genealogy: DOELL matriarchal lineage extended for our client, Lois Jurss!

Genealogy begins as an interest; Becomes a hobby; Continues as an avocation; Takes over as an obsession;  And, in its last stages, is an incurable disease!  DOELL matriarchal lineage extended for our client, Lois Jurss!

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Kreuder Genealogy of Gruenberg, Hessen, Prussia extended by 2 new generations & numerous family members!

On the last Saturday in November 2008, the Kreuder Genealogy of Gruenberg, Hessen, Prussia was extended by 2 new generations & numerous family members!  The client, Lois Jurss, is going to be very happy.  In online digital images, we had previously extended her HORN genealogy in the parish of Tirschtiegel, Posen, Prussia.  But, this is another of her Germanic ancestral research lineages which we extended within microfilms of the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Gruenberg.  One day, all these parish registers will go digital, but for now, we’ll do what we must do to get our man (& his wife & children, …)! We turned this microfilm image into a digital format!  This image is only a “thumbnail” version of the HUGE original!

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Via our search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, along with our numerous endorsements on, Lynell & Karl Sala are beginning to serve more international Germanic & Prussian ancestry, genealogy & family history research clients.  Can’t find your European ancestor in an online or offline record?  Email us your dilemma, inquiry, problem, query.  We have a very high success ratio!  Guarantee?  Our best efforts!

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