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Our current research cases & projects in process of resolution.

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Query Solved! Karl ascertains German city of origin for Paul Fox, a prospect who Contacted The German Genealogist!

If I found the city of Euro-Germanic origin for your immigrant ancestor, what would that German Genealogy Research be worth to you? 

That is the present dilemma for Paul Fox from the KC, Kansas area !  According to his recent query to us via the Contact The German Genealogist link at the top of this URL’s homepage, Paul Fox claims his ancestor may have originated in “Baden.” 

Nope.  US records indicate otherwise…

This prospect further claims he has not been able to find anything about the German origin of two of his immigrant ancestors, ____ & his son, _____ RIECK from ________, _______, Germany. 

Paul Fox further provided data on the spouse & children of the eldest immigrant ancestor.  With that data, Karl was able to find 6 documents (not 5 as he mistakenly told the prospect), two of which told the German province or state of origin of the eldest immigrant ancestor.  One particular document revealed the specific CITY of origin for the patriarch.

After Karl receives the requested (never demanded) retainer from the prospect–which then turns a prospect into a client–Karl will post the details of how, easily within just two hours, solved the problem for this long-time researcher.  It was not found in an obvious place!

SUCCESS STORY:  I will reveal that I found his ancestor in the 1930, 1920, 1910 & 1900 Censuses of Oneida County, NY; also in an East Coast Passenger List.  On NONE of the census listings for the ancestor was it given the specific city whence the patriarch originated!  It was elsewhere… Hmmm… 

COMPENSATION?   The prospect “owes” me nothing; however, In this case, in the event the prospect would like the results of our NO FIND, NO FEE! USA & German Genealogy Research, I offered the prospect the data, documents & images on this research for only $1,000. which we negotiated down to $500.  Expensive?  No, sir.  Expensive is when you spend 30 years just TRYING to find what we often DO find within 1-100 hours.

Should he have a difficult time with that retainer amount, I offered Paul Fox the option of breaking that figure into two payments.

The prospect is welcome to find these images on his own, but our $ offer will remain the same, regardless.  Why?  We found the name of the city of origin, while de-bunking his “Baden” hypothesis.  That is worth $1,000 (ok, $500) to me any day!  To this day, I do not have the parish of origin of my own Sala immigrant ancestor!

So, is this client getting charged $125/hour?  Heavens, no.  There is yet much to do with the images.  We annotate, crop, edit, analyze & report on the images!  We ascertain what must now be done to continue the case.  This will easily take another 3 hours administrative time.  This image editing will not be done until & unless the prospect wants to become a client by ordering what we have found in his behalf!

So, how much is this client getting charged?  Mal sehen!  We’ll see after all is said & done.  Another client of mine, Lois J., paid $1,000 ONLY for the name of her ancestral parish of origin in a location that is now in Poland!  However, she later got many ancestral family members with another similar-sized retainer!

If I save you thousands of $ worth of time, who cares what it cost or the rate?

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Karl Sala creates several German genealogy research groups on various websites!



Post all known details of your USA, CANADA, UK, GERMAN or EUROPEAN ancestry, genealogy or family history mystery. Anyone may reply to assist you. To get the most from your query, please follow these guidelines:

FOCUS: Do NOT enter all surnames you are seeking!

Do NOT include your entire genealogy!

Be sure to include ALL given names of only ONE person!

If known, DO include his/her spouse, children, parentage. Include years & places of birth, marriage, states of residence during the decennial census years & death. If unknown, give a likely place or year.

CAVEAT RESEARCHOR! If you omit something that is known, you waste someone else’s time & jeopardize the success in your behalf! Family history can become very addicting!

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Posted by GermanGenealogist
October 17, 2008

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GRAVE subject! Another GRAVE pedigree extension for Oldenburg German Genealogy research by Karl Sala!

Prior to the client having visited the two ancestral parishes of origin on-site in Oldenburg, we stunned the client Guilfoyle family of Kentucky & Florida with what we were able to ascertain on this GRAVE subject in Visbe(c)k & surrounding villages Oldenburg! After they returned to the USA, they were not happy with the research they were able to get from an onsite professional German genealogist, so they recurred in hiring us for additional research for the ancestral family from Bonrechtern & Rechterfeld, both villages that were a part of Visbe(c)k’s parish!  Mary Guilfoyle wrote us an equally stunning endorsement–which I’ll later add to this post!

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Looking for past clients for German Genealogy Research!

Russell Schreck of California, where are you?  We have a lot of images found for your Schreckengost ancestry that were posted directly to your tree we created for you!

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Karl-Michael Sala aka cracks yet another case in the 1880 Census!

Whenever a subscriber tried to tell me that’s subscription price was too expensive, I told them they were talking to the wrong guy. is an international treasure!  Am I paid to say this?  No.  Need I be?

After the prospect provides a retainer, I will reveal the interesting details of how I used the search engines to have found her Pitts ancestor in the 1880 Census!

Is this German Genealogy?  No.  Must it be?  I have done this same thing for hundreds of other people!  Some people watch TV–I crack USA, UK & Germanic genealogy research cases!

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Like Avis: We’re #2! We try harder & give you more time on your German Genealogy Research!

Google’s SE still has us at #2!  We shall soon be adding a search template for clients to be able to order hard-to-find ancestral online census & immigration images!  Of course, clients shall still be able to order on-site or off-site, on-line or off-line German Genealogy research from us.  Also orderable will be onsite Germanic Genealogy research, for that includes Germans from not only Germany proper, but also from other European countries!

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Stunning! We’ve only just begun! Karl Sala’s ever-improving website is now #2 on Google Search Engine!

SALABRATE AGAIN! As I am wont to say:  “Stunning!”
Thanx to Paul A. Johnson’s knowledge & skill with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), along with my blogging, Karl Sala’s ever-improving German Genealogy website is now #2 on Google Search Engine!
Goal:  surpass those in the #1 position!

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Exciting German Genealogist News! My weblog URL is moving up in ranking on Google’s SE !

I’m pleased to announce that at least one of my German Genealogist weblog URL blogs showed up in the first page of a Google Search for “German Genealogist”

The entire URL showed up as the very 2nd listing on Yahoo SE!

On MSN SE we’re #4 !…
“This is a XML Sitemap which is supposed to be processed by search engines like Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.
It was generated using the Blogging-Software WordPress and the Google Sitemap Generator Plugin by Arne Brachhold.
You can find more information about XML sitemaps on and Google’s list of sitemap programs.

My webmaster, Paul A. Johnson–who also helped me get onto–is taking me out to “sala-brate!”

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Karl-Michael Sala accepts call to serve as an organizing, unifying leader of all able professional genealogists living near the Mesa, Arizona Regional Family History Center!

Contrary to some people’s misconceptions, there is nothing awry with research for a fee.  Indeed, Lynell & Karl Sala are proud to have been serving in this manner since 1979!  They are willing to share their knowledge with others with a free initial consultation by email, mail, phone or in-person @ the Mesa, Arizona Regional Family History Center (MRFHC)

Occasionally, the MRFHC gets inquiries about research their staff simply cannot handle.  They also receive numerous requests for a professional genealogist who specializes in a certain area. 

Queen Creek, AZ is the temporary residence of Lynell & Karl Sala
Queen Creek, AZ: temporary residence of Lynell & Karl Sala

For not only Germanic ancestry, genealogy & family history research, but all global areas, Karl was asked by the head of the Mesa, Arizona Regional Family History Center (MRFHC) to assemble a near-comprehensive list of any & all researchers able & willing to help patrons with a complimentary initial consultation, preferrably at the MRFHC.

If you are willing to assist patrons with a complimentary initial consultation of their difficult research cases, possibly accept potential new clients & live within a 200-mile radius of Mesa, Arizona, please email your details to, complete with email, website URL, photo(s), mailing address, specialities, photo or whatever you wish.  We shall likely expand the radius for those specialties that are not available locally.

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BIGGEST NEWS? SOME German Parish Registers in ONLINE digital format? Yes! So far, some for Posen & Brandenburg! has updated its database of 1870 US Census records and added two new databases with West Virginian info this week to its online pilot program at The new additions represent over nine million new names. There are now over 477 million searchable names on the pilot site.

The pilot program has attracted thousands of volunteers who are extracting family history info from digital images of historical documents. The info they are identifying is then added to databases that are available for family history enthusiasts worldwide to access.

Current indexing projects include the 1920 U.S Census, 1869 Argentina Census, 1930 Mexico Census, 1945 Florida State Census, Louisiana Deaths, German Church Records [These are the ones we have used for our client, Lois J.], Italy Church Records, Spain Church Records, Venezuela Church Records and Nicaragua Civil Registration Records. is maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and provides resources and info for people worldwide to research their family trees.

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