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Exciting German Genealogist News! My weblog URL is moving up in ranking on Google’s SE !

I’m pleased to announce that at least one of my German Genealogist weblog URL blogs showed up in the first page of a Google Search for “German Genealogist”

The entire URL showed up as the very 2nd listing on Yahoo SE!

On MSN SE we’re #4 !…
“This is a XML Sitemap which is supposed to be processed by search engines like Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.
It was generated using the Blogging-Software WordPress and the Google Sitemap Generator Plugin by Arne Brachhold.
You can find more information about XML sitemaps on and Google’s list of sitemap programs.

My webmaster, Paul A. Johnson–who also helped me get onto–is taking me out to “sala-brate!”

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