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East Prussia = Ostpreussen (numerous old postcards of Koenigsberg = Kaliningrad)

If the images anywhere on our site do not appear, then click on the refresh button (usually two encircling arrows). Click on the video image to view it full-screen. Nice piano chords with a female vocalist singing an unknown but pleasant modern-day sounding tune. Gorgeous historical photographs, postcards, etc. of a Russian city, Kaliningrad, once known as Koenigsberg.
What does this have to do with German Genealogy? If your German ancestral families are from this area, it is priceless! Want some for your unusual German Genealogy area? Hire us.

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  1. Patricia Gehricke

    I am trying to find a cemetery called Uellenthal, Roman Catholic, where my Great Grandfathers’ first wife was buried in 1888. Her name was: Marie Eleonore Webber Gehricke if you know where to search. Is their anyplace I can find the names of the Roman Catholic churches around Koenigsberg say in a 30 mile radius. Perhaps an eMail address for the Diocesean Offices in that region would be marvelous.

    Many thanks and please let me know,

    Patricia Gehricke

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