Canadian online pharmacy \ online pharmacy usa sorry. rocks & so do its volunteers! I paid one back with having found her German & Swiss towns of ancestral origin! We are now bartering for the whole package!

Need to Volunteer work occasionally does pay off or gets paid back! Especially if you do volunteer work for the 3-decade professional German Genealogists of!

For this lady who made these detailed images for me TODAY, in partial return, within USA records & before she had any clue I would do this–I ascertained the heretofore unknown towns of origin of her German/Swiss ancestors! I just told her I’d “do a little bit.” But those who know me, know that I rarely “do a little bit.” Isn’t that right, Joyce Durren (the pretty lady) of Michigan & hundreds of others?

For that valuable finding, she has agreed to do some other follow-up work for me in the town of Oakley, Kanses, where my KALER ancestors homesteaded about 1870. Thank you & Deb Poe of Oakley, Kansas or nearby!

George & Melissa Ann Kaler (1830 – 1914) – Find A Grave Memorial

Not big enough for you? The volunteer even made the huge enlargement for a disputed birth year for Melissa Kaler:

Joyce Durren likes this..
Bonnie Balogh Rosado: What a huge blessing! It’s so important to know our ancestry. 🙂

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