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Free downloads of 2 successful German Genealogy research reports; 1 unsuccessful (which still rocked)

Sample Research Reports (both successful & unsuccessful)

Pick a link below that closely resembles your case. We even included one link on an “Unsuccessful” research case. We did find the client’s ancestor in various USA records AND on a ship’s passenger list–which she did not have!

Click on these words to view the Best Case of research online & in microfilm: Horn Family Research Report
Reinhol(d)(t) HORN’s USA research & parish of origin ascertained from NY & Hamburg Passenger Lists; then researched further in the newly ascertained parish, both online & in microfilm! Stunning data, documents & images from Tirschtiegel, Posen, Prussia!

Or, click on these words for the Best Case of On-site research in Germany (Clients: 2 sisters in Oregon):
Schlieben, Germany: In-country, on-site research report link (digital images)

Worst Case of an amazing, yet “UNsuccessful” research report for Joanne Slama on her “Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt” ancestral family members! Newly found for the client was various US records & her immigrant ancestral family (1883 NY Passenger List; arrived from Bremen)!

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