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NAU CASE CRACKED! German Genealogy Research trip to Fulda & Kassel, Hessen, Germany planned for September 2012! Want in? $4,000 minimum; preferrably more for you & your ancestral family members’ benefit!

Kirchenbücher katholischer Gemeinden Hessens Deutschlands
(Parish registers of the Catholic branches in Hessen, Germany)
Vorhandene Kirchenbücher der Diözese Fulda, Westteil (mikroverfilmt) – im Bistumsarchiv Fulda
• Hauswurz (mit Filialen) T 1703
NAU CASE CRACKED! Shout it from the rooftops! NO? OK, then post it on your blog & Facebook{:>) Andrea Dawson Edwards! We have helped your & your ancestral families’ members’ dreams to come true! Just as we coached her to persevere, we are elated & tickled to report that my sister in Kassel has successfully obtained verification of the birth of the prospect’s (client?) target immigrant ancestor, Ignatz(ius?) NAU! Indeed, just as we have been adamantly purporting to Andrea Dawson Edwards, that we must needs focus on the given indication of Kauppen, Hessen as Ignatz Nau’s place of origin! Even after one bureaucrat said that the ancestor could not be found, Ignatz’ birth & christening record indeed was found 2 weeks later by a colleague of the first records repository bureaucrat: born 29 July 1843 in Kauppen! Kauppen is known to be affiliated with the Catholic parish of Hauswurz, Hessen-Kassel (or sometimes: Hessen-Cassel{:>)! The NAU research will continue on-site in September 2012! Please call to discuss our flight to Germany to continue the research in Kassel. No, unfortunately, these records are not on microfilm in Salt Lake City, Utah. While my sister knows German better than I, she does not read the old German handwriting. I can decipher it better than 99% of the very few native Germans who CAN read it.

Andrea Dawson Edwards! We persevered. Lynell Sala & I are so proud of my sister. She lives just north of Kassel in the village where my USAF radio maintenance father had been stationed back in 1950–Rothwesten. He met my mother in Kassel{:>)

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