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At BYU, I “clepped” (CLEP) numerous college-level German language courses.

Karl-Michael Sala wrote:
After my 1976-77 2-yr mission to Germany for the Savior & His people, at Brigham Young University, I “clepped” or tested out of numerous German language courses. No grade; just a pass & pay for the credits. That, along with using the GI Bill I had earned as an honorably discharged Vietnam Era Veteran with the United States Air Force, & having attended school over the summers enabled me to graduate within 3 & 1/2 years (Jan 1978- Aug 1981).
College Level Examination Program – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a group of standardized tests that assess college-level knowledge in several subject areas. Many colleges grant credit to students who meet their minimum qualifying score…
Well, I went on to take not German classes, but rather bolster my knowledge of German Genealogy research. This included paid field trips to Germany (both East & West at the time), Czechoslovakia & the National Archives in Washington DC! Stunningly valuable experience that enabled me to become a top German Genealogist for hundreds of clients since 1979.

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