Canadian online pharmacy \ online pharmacy usa sorry. is #1 on Google for about a year now! Due to success & further desires to serve, while using our proven, multi-faceted, gifted talents to find ancestral family members–Expansion is announced!

Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala, owners & chief master genealogists at report that their initial website is THE #1 “German Genealogist” AND the #3 “German Genealogy” listing on Google for about a year now!

We are very proud & pleased to announce the expansion to a low-cost, quick-search international census notion! It will found at, to further fulfill its mission to help THOUSANDS of international & German genealogists, both professional & amateurs, finally FIND what they’ve been seeking for up to three decades, is expanding its service offerings!

How would it be to get online or offline research results from THE 1st 2 researchers who were selected for the Paid Expert Research Line (PEARL)? Why them? They had THE highest success ratio in having found what subscribers had been seeking for up to 3 decades!

Out of millions of search “hits,” is already #4 on Google for the search term “searchcensus” For the separated term, “search census” we are found on the 2nd page of Google!

They shall be doing USA searches to start, but will rapidly offer to research censuses in Canada, UK & Germany (Volkszaehlung or Volkszaehlungsliste)!

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