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I have a Dream and a Vision…Czech out this cute Czech lady–Marie Barbara Hosek Sala!

Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979! •

After a 1995 post-traumatic brain injury & near-death experience, I was told to give up my German Genealogy research practice. I was returned to my hospital bed; cried. I even bought into it for awhile. However, I had a dream & vision of the future…

In 2011: Our best professional European genealogy research year–ever. Numerous clients, one even paid $25,000. We are grateful to have wisely upped our retainer amounts to follow the Truth that “Most people have thousands of $ worth of research to be done. How many thousands can you afford?” Yes, you may quote me if you wish{:>)

In 2011: German cases cracked; 10+ Poland; 2 Russia; 1 Hungary! 2012: We’ve already cracked 10+ more since 2012! Some folks actually paid for the service; while at least 50% got it pro bono. I’m not complaining; I’m bragging, for Lynell & I’ve been highly blessed with a great set of research skills & talents!

In 2010: Paled in comparison, but that year also beat out all previous years! Amongst several, there was one $20,000 client (not the same one as 2011)

New milestones were achieved, old record shattered; more ancestral family members found & digit(al)ized in more various geographic locales–than ever!

Our client demographic changed from a 67-yr old female living on a bit more than Social Security, to a 50-yr old sufficiently well-off businessperson, usually male, who was highly interested & motivated, but simply either lacked the skills or could not get his office administrator to crack his multitude of German, Lithuanian & Polish ancestries, family histories, genealogies!

These experiences & skills have enabled us to actively, geograhically, phonetically, & universally weasel through the muck-n-mire to get at least on the path–if not to the core–of the solution.

Lynell, I am especially proud to announce,has singlehandedly cracked FOUR German matriarchal lineages–& hey, she does not even speak German!

And, we pay a residual 10% reward for referrals. $2,500 would have been yours had you referred our 2011 best client!

Now then, you may either pass judgement on me or wish me well–or both{:>) My clients have no problem with my confidence & the sharing thereof. Several clients have admitted that I was the ONLY ONE who held out any hope for their genealogy research dilemmas!

There are a few other realities that I shall keep confidential, but I ask all to join us in ceasing to just talk about genealogy, unless it is intended to do as we will:

Take down ancestors from dusty & analog shelves
& get them documented & digit(al)ized in 2012!
karlmsala AT

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