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German Genealogy Research Success!

Yesterday, I helped a lady find not one, but both of her target immigrant ancestors on two separate passenger lists in the early 1900s!  One gave the name of his father back in the Old World of Slovenia.

I have helped hundreds of people crack their cases & find data, documents & images they could not find in over 30 years!

NONE of the folks whom I’ve helped have complained–only those who were not served or cannot be served or will not let themselves BE served!  Live & let live, while lightening up!

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  1. Jessie Leavitt (Schlarman)

    I am looking for a male born in Steinfeld Oldenburg Germany on April 4, 1886. His name is Henry Joseph Schlarman. He emmigrated to the United States approx. February 1, 1905 in Phillidelphia, Penn, via Steamer Nettleton. His last foreign residence was Port Albert England.

  2. Found him in the 1920 Census with wife & 5 children;
    Have year of alleged naturalization & confirmation of the year of immigration.
    1910 Census: carpenter with the railroad; different state than 1920. 2 children that match two in the 1920 Census.
    1910 Census (2): bridge carpenter; son missing in this separate Pasadena listing.

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    How much have you spent so far just TRYING to find it. Double that figure & send it.
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