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New kudo from a 30-year colleague & competitor, for German Genealogy expert since 1979!

October 5, 2012
I’ve known Karl Sala for thirty years, from our days at BYU and have known him to be a very competent and well deserved Genealogist. His skills in both German and US are outstanding!
D. Jane Carpenter, MLS
Jane Carpenter, Owner at Carpenter Genealogical Services

D. Jane Carpenter, Owner, Carpenter Genealogical Services (academic) studied with you

“I have known Karl for over 30 years. Our time at BYU as students allowed us to become business associates after our graduation. If I need German Research done, Karl would be the one I would contact. D. Jane Carpenter Carpenter Genealogical Services “Let US Help YOU build your Family Tree!”” October 9, 2012

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