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Mecklenburg-Schwerin cases cracked with Hamburg Passenger List & the 1819 Mecklenburg, Germany Census

To view the image, click on it; then scroll over to the right. 

This is for Vickie Wagner: According to the 1819 Mecklenburg Census of Broderdorff, et var., the father of your target ancestor is Johann _____ Vick.  He was born on 4 May 1789 in Hohen Schwarffs, which is a small village which is parochially associated with, & is to the immediate south of Kessin.

The mother (Maria Költz/Koltz) of your target immigrant ancestor (Fred Vick) was born in 1794 in Glasewitz, which is in the parish of Recknitz. Yes, we have those parish registers back to 1659 on microfilm!

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