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GermanGenealogist’s Review … Gilbert, AZ
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daily computer user, a researcher, curious by nature, Practical, into the web, a busy person, German Genealogist, German Genealogy, Deutscher Ahnenforscher Pros: Vast database of resources, Premier genealogy website, Free trial period, very resourceful, Always adding information, German Genealogist, German Genealogy Cons: requires lots of Patience, Requires time and dedication, Can’t just print your tree, Not for the dilitante, Only supported by Internet Explorer, Terrible customer service, no German Genealogist — I got my money’s worth out of the very 1st day I used it–at its inception, long before they had billions of records! I am stunned with what they still give away for free! As a former telephone research representative, we were all authorized to cancel customers’ subscriptions–even after their trial period had expired! But prior to cancellation, I was usually able to help them find what they were seeking–or get them on the right path.
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Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala are the very 1st 2 persons hand-picked in 2006 by for the short-lived–but highly successful–Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line. Why? Because we would usually find data, documents or images for international subscribers, i.e., people just like you, who could not find anything.
When that effective team was dissolved (many tears), Karl was the primary German Genealogy research consultant for! He also was crucial in helping with Australia, Canada, UK & Europe!
Chance of success? Either on or elsewhere online: Oh, about 80%.

karlmsala at msn .com 1-888-456-7252

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