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Karl-Michael Sala Tactivated (activated with tact) my latest client for Google Adwords: A California Musical Instrument Store.

Also, Karl-Michael Sala is the ‎#1 Google Adwords Tactivator on Friday, 20 Aug 2010 for our team. Uh, 3 sales today will make up for some zero-days while I was figuring out the computer systems.

Now, to upload the Marketing Campaign Build to the My Client Center, what & where do I click? & why is it that I have 3 different email systems–MS Outlook, Adwords &–one that uses a security fob? {;>)

One of those sales was a $114/day advertising campaign for a ReMax Real Estate Agency in Georgia; another was a pre-arranged, scheduled conference call with the owners of a nationwide furniture chain. Lions, Tigers & Bears! Authors, Attorneys, Doctors & Business Owners–Oh, My! And some of these people are calling ME! OK, it is Google Adwords they are calling, but this is so unusual for the Decision Makers to be actually Wanting to talk with me, vis-a-vis me chasing them down via a receptionist, via a marketing VP, via a 2nd VP to the secretary of the owner, etc. ad nauseum.

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