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Kudos to the German Genealogist for his Germany Genealogy consultation pro bono work (now at $30,000 worth)

Recommendations Received (total for all positions with all entities: 143)
This Entity: Administrator & Expert Researcher (Ancestry, Genealogy & Family History)
Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but on Facebook)

nancy & steve reynolds
driver at NAPA
Karl-Michael has answered many questions that I have posted on the German/Prussia Genealogist Research Community on Facebook. He is very detailed when it comes to researching your questions and has the information to you quickly. I appreciate all he has helped me with and would highly recommend him.Bochum_Grumme
April 1, 2013, nancy & steve was Karl-Michael’s client

Donna BlalockBlalockDonnaMSnurse
nurse at Home
Karl is always willing to help others. He has done pro-bono work for others and been quite successful in finding links to missing families. From comments of his clients, he does a thorough job with documentation. I have seen many praises to the success he has been able find for others w/ researching their family lines. I just wished I had German or Prussian ancestors. I know that Karl would be successful in searching for my ancestors.
April 1, 2013, Donna worked with Karl-Michael at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

susan sharp
prep cook at Sodexo
Karl-Michael has been a great help in my research for my ancestral family in Pomerania. Not only did he help me decipher Tishhage to DischenhagenŁoźnica, Poland = Kantreck; Budzieszewice=Lüttmannshagen, but I now know more about German script, then when I first started. He has shown me the differences in the way they would write certain letters. He would ask me to compare letters to other words in the text. An example would be the way the letter M was written. What I thought was a W, he would have me look for other words that had Ws in the word. I was able to tell the village was Schmintz and not Schwintz. I am now able to search through documents and church records on my own. Every once in awhile, I will find myself stumped, and Karl will jump right in and help me out. I have only great praise for him and I think he would be a wonderful asset to any genealogy group.
March 12, 2013, susan was Karl-Michael’s client

Mary Pyrzynski
Office Manager/Salesforce Admin
Karl-Michael Sala provided invaluable assistance in finding that my grandmother’s birthplace was not Bochem, Germany but was in fact Alt Bialcz!Bochum NOT but is Altebiarsz prob Alt Bialcz This is completely new information for my family and I never would have been able to find this information without Karl-Michael’s help! You cannot go wrong working with him for your genealogy needs!
January 25, 2013, Mary was with another company when working with Karl-Michael at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

Emilie Everett
Independent Arts and Crafts Professional
Karl has been an invaluable help in researching my German family that lived in Celle1887 Hannover to Darmstadt. I’m plannning to make a trip to Germany in the fall and am looking forward to seeing where my greatgrandmother grew up and was married. I couldn’t have known this without his help.
January 16, 2013, Emilie was Karl-Michael’s client

Betseylee Browning
I have worked with Karl-Michael Sala on the FamilySearch Genealogy Research Communities on Facebook for the past two years. He has graciously volunteered his time and expertise to our pages especially in Germany and Galicia Poland UkrainePoland. We have had a great success rate as a team in solving patron’s lines connecting them in Germany. This has been difficult at times because we only see part of the information and because many times the town’s names have been misspelled. It is also hard because of boundary changes. Karl Michael expertise has solved these difficult problems. With Karl-Michael’s help we have answered many questions on how to do research in these countries and helped with translations type n hand scriptof documents. Karl-Michael has added “spice” to our pages and we appreciate his help very much.
January 10, 2013, Betseylee worked with Karl-Michael at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

Jacqueline HultmanHultman Jacqueline Burrton Kansas principal FSFBGRC
Principal at USD 259 Wichita Public Schools
Karl-Michael has helped me research one of my lost family members. He is incredibly knowledgeable about genealogy research as well as Germany. I’ve been very fortunate to have met up with him on FaceBook through Family Search’s Germany/Prussia Research page. He spent hours offering me suggestions on places to look for information and offering moral support to keep me going. I’m forever in his debt.logo_merchantcircle_expert
January 4, 2013, Jacqueline was Karl-Michael’s client

Tammy Bruns
Customer Advocate at BCBS of Illinois
I posted a question on a Facebook page about German Genealogy, and I must say, Karl-Michael Sala is amazing! I just began taking over my Peters family history from my mother and Karl was able to point me in the right direction. He then did “extra” work for me without me even knowing it! He digs deep and does it very quickly! He finds stuff that I have been looking for, for years! Thank you Karl! You are AMAZING!!!!!!
December 21, 2012, Tammy was a consultant or contractor to Karl-Michael at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

Jim Heddell
Owner Rootsonomy Genealogy Research Firm (
I’ve had the privilege of working with Karl-Michael for FamilySearch where he’s been very active in serving the online genealogy community. He is talented and passionate about family history and a gifted site administrator who knows the value of collaboration and teamwork.
September 10, 2012, Jim worked directly with Karl-Michael at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

Fran Ellsworth
Family History Stories
Karl-Michael has worked as a tireless admin on several FamilySearch Genealogy Research community pages with an emphasis in Germany/PrussiaGermany Prussia Genealogy Research Community & Poland on FacebookPoland FB GRC logo. He contributes much to those asking for ideas or help as well as helping other admins.
August 2, 2012, Fran worked with Karl-Michael at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

Michael W. McCormick
COO/Operations Manager at HEREDIUM Probate Research LLC
Karl has been a very active volunteer, providing free research advice or assistance in the Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community Facebook page sponsored by FamilySearch as well as other volunteer run genealogy communities. The amount of time and dedication he gives to this volunteer position has exceeded our expectations for a regular volunteer. Because of his enthusiasm in helping our community I believe he is a successful professional also. His passion for helping people find their ancestors is notable.
June 12, 2012, Michael W. was with another company when working with Karl-Michael at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

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