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Why The German Genealogist for your Germany Genealogy? Here’s Why!

Karl-Michael Sala
Why, yes, we are deep into this!
4 Mar 2013 From:
Subject: RE: Finding my grandmother
Hello Karl Thank you for the email. It’s going to take me a few weeks to gather all information you need. The reason we selected you to help us was because you seem to go the extra mile for everyone that you help for the facebook community. I just did a family tree on and put you in as a editor. (I hope I did It right). I also went on the other day. I want to make sure I understand . You want me to email and also mail info to you. I address it to your name at the Cheyenne address and the check made out in your name. My mom and I are very excited. Wishing you a great day. Nancy Levy Reynolds & Eleanor LevyAll Volunteer Badges

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