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Received our largest PayPal retainer ever ! Thanks to FB & Linkedin!

Our newest client claimed she found me on Facebook “German Genealogist” & then read about me on 


I thank my webmaster for having turned me on to  It is there that I have had 69 acquaintances, businesses, clients, coaches, companions, competitors, contacts, employers, family, friends, leaders, teachers, write me 73+ endearing endorsements. 


“Karl! Your reputation precedes you.” –a client

While I don’t know it all, I sure as heck know a bunch.  While I  can’t do everything, I sure can certainly accomplish so much.  While I assuredly can’t do everything “right,” I sure as heck can accomplish so many things in a most excellent manner. 


Of one thing, I am sure:   My father is very proud of me & my accomplishments.


<verklempt>.  Talk amongst yourselves.  Subject:  How Dad did not quite know what he was doing when he said, Can’t you do anything right?”

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