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Lynell Rae Pierce Sala singlehandedly cracks her 2nd German Genealogy research case!

Time IS truly short.  For USA, immigration & Euro-German genealogy research, call & email Lynell or Karl-Michael Sala TODAY.

Hire this 30-year proven German research entity.  They are a professional powerhouse team & married couple. 

Karl’s wife, In addition to having designed & sewn our 1st granddaughter’s blessing dress, Lynell Pierce Sala, single-handedly cracked the team’s last two German Genealogy research cases!   Her discovery expanded just the KOLL lineage of the client’s German ancestry several generations & connected numerous entire families.  If you don’t think that’s phenomenal, get this: Lynell does not even speak German.  And, she’s deciphered some old German handwriting with which Karl struggled!  In tandem, their clients agree that Lynell & Karl are a German genealogy research phenomenon.

Email TODAY:
Call TODAY: 480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr. toll-free)
  Photo 2004 in Grants Pass, Oregon height=”155″ /> Karl-Michael Sala, Expert, Gifted & Talented USA, Immigration & Euro-Germanic Ancestral Genealogist since 1979!  

1979 to present: THOUSANDS of data, documents & images found on THOUSANDS of US, UK & European Germanic ancestral family members found for HUNDREDS of private & corporate international clients & patrons! 

99% success ratio in locating new data, documents &/or digital images for their clients!

80+% success ratio in having located data, documents & images that others tried, but could not find! 

Researched (& found) THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for hundreds of international clients & patrons. 

Since 1979, Karl traveled 10 times behind the former Iron Curtain to perform successful research for his clients! 

 About Us: Karl Michael SalaKarl can decipher the old Germanic handwriting better than 99% of German natives!  Why?  Since WW2,  Germans no longer use it!  Karl learned the old Germanic Handschrift (handscript) by having been required by his mentoring Brigham Young University professor, Larry O. Jensen, PhD., to write entire letters in the historical Handschrift.  Then, Karl further had the opportunity & privilege to decipher it for hundreds of clients & patrons! 

Karl is a former USAFR Intelligence Officer who earned a Deserving Airman Commission after having faithfully served as a German linguist, interrogator, debriefer Staff Sergeant (E-5), Intelligence Operations Specialist. 

Karl is the very 1st person hand-picked for the highly successful albeit short-lived Expert Research Team at  His wife, Lynell Sala was the 2nd person selected for this elite research team. 

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