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So, was it France, Alsace-Lorraine, Elsass=Lothringen, France, Germany or Prussia? Alphabet, cursive & print.

German handwritingSuccessful Mainland Euro-Germanic Connections!

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Anyone can provide a Euro-Germanic question &/or an answer here on this group but please do not give general solutions like: “Google it.”

“Germany,” per se, is a long story not suited to be totally explained here! Suffice it to say that “Germany” did not really exist as a bona fide British or American term for the modern country of that name until after WW1.

There were Germans all over Europe, to include the former Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Hungary, Poland, Romania & Russia.

Prussia or Preussen extended as far east as Russia (province: a part of East Prussia or Ostpreussen)!

Germany” also once (generally pre-WW1) had portions of land in Bohemia (Boehmen; Czech Republic; Cechy); Moravia (Maehren or Moravske); Denmark (Daenemark or Danmark or Oldenburg); Alsace-Lorraine (in modern-day France; known to Germans as Elsass-Lothringen); Poland (provinces: Posen {Poznan}, East Prussia {Ostpreussen} & West Prussia).

One client said, “Karl, different censuses claim my ancestor was born in Alsace, Elsass, France, Germany & Prussia. Which one is it?” NEWSFLASH: Depending on what language & time-period you are considering, each one of those names is correct for that target ancestor!

Mentor: Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral Euro-Germanic Genealogist since 1979! (aka, Karl is the very 1st person hand-picked for the highly successful, but short-lived Expert Research Team. His wife, Lynell (Pierce) Sala, was 2nd!

Karl was later selected for the[utschland or Germany] Team to field the majority of Euro-Germanic research-oriented calls from not only Germany, but also all over the world.

Provo, Utah International Team Manager) & Brett Bouchard (Munich or Muenchen, Bavaria [Bayern}, Germany Manager) & Matt Pinkston for & Amy Denter for!

Please understand that there were Germanic citizens in various countries of the world, but mostly within various countries of Europe!

Totally confused now?  Don’t feel alone–so are most people. This is one reason many Germanic cases are not solved. There are other reasons… Group Coach, Counselor, Leader @

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Karl-Michael Sala cracked & solved numerous difficult cases for callers & emailers from all over the globe.

Witnesses & senior teammates were John Erbstoesser (International Manager)

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Since 1979, Karl-Michael & Lynell Sala are very proud to have found data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for hundreds of international clients!

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