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New German Genealogy research client acquired this week: former client of the research arm of!

Another prospect finds my profile & reads some of my 102+ endearing endorsements on Then, he reads some of my research success stories on my blog/URL/website! I just sold him a $2,000 European genealogy research case! As an added satisfaction bonus, the client is a former client of the research arm of{:>) I’ve cracked cases they could NOT! I also charge less than HALF as much as they do. They despise when I mention these facts. They get frustrated with my remarks & plead they could have solved it, too–with a bit more time allotted. “Nope,” I told ’em. “Your research specialist who does NOT specialize in German research had been barking up the wrong tree entirely, while digging at the wrong roots! Furthermore, that genealogist only has enough German Genealogy research knowledge to be dangerous!” Ooh, yes, that bridge is burned. But guess whom it is that numerous investment companies consult ABOUT & the entire online ancestry, genealogy & family history research industry? These firms have paid me 5 times now $200/hr for those consultations. These conversations always set & their research arm in a great light{:>) No, I did not set that fee–the investment companies did! No, my clients do NOT pay that figure!

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