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Poland Genealogist? Prussia Genealogist? Preussen Genealogy? German Genealogy?

Jill Holcomb (client) hired you as a Family History/Genealogist Researcher in 2011

Karl’s Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Karl-Michael is a highly knowledgeable, skilled researcher. His background and understanding of the research process has led him to find ancestors we didn’t know existed. An earlier professional genealogist from the 70’s missed family members on both our patriarchal and matriarchal lines. Because of the language barrier, the complexity of Poland’s history and the quality of the microfilm, we had been unable to decipher information for the last 30 years. What a thrill to find family members in Poland that no one else could find! I am pleased to pass on the great ‘Find’ that Karl-Michael has been in helping us discover our roots in Poland and Germany.” July 5, 2011

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