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General Research

Pro Bono German Genealogy Research? Why? 2013: I’ve now granted about $40,000 of pro bono research!

1958 abt William Burton“Dad! What should I do when I grow up?”

“Well, son, figure out what it is that you would do for free. Then, also figure out a way to get paid to do that activity.”

“I found it Dad!”

In 2013, I, Karl-Michael Sala have granted, pro bono, i.e. for the good, nothing, free, about $40,000 worth of advice, articles, comments, counsel, research, postings, publications, translations, transcriptions, et al. on numerous European Genealogy Research Blogs, Communities, Groups, etc.

Many recipients are very grateful & express their gratitude. When I do pro bono work, ’tis I who gets to decide when I cease the research.

50% of my time is pro bono, but ’tis again I who determines precisely what & for whom the pro bono work is performed!

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