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Poland & Prussia genealogy research: Success breeds success, but Failure can perturb you into success. Let it.

a>href=””>The red graphic is the icon of the Polish Genealogical Society. “Karl, you’re not afraid of failure–you’re terrified of success, dude!” My friend might be right! I’ve succeeded. I’ve failed. Both have motivated me. One to pick myself up from the dust & move on to bigger & better things. But I’ve all-too-often failed to count my many blessings & build on them. has had a stunning first year. It has produced the largest retainer size–ever: $7,000 from a client in South Africa who has several German ancestry/ancestral roots that need some serious work. We shall be researching some of those microfilms from Salt Lake City, Utah at the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some will be done at our local Mesa, Arizona Regional Family History Center.< We have cracked, solved & researched many places in Poland. Several Poland places' records no longer exist, but don't you believe them until you hire us to check it out for you!

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