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You snooze, you lose: All discounts for German Genealogy research by these German Genealogy research professionals are OFF!

For the keyword “german genealogist,” my webmaster has had my WordPress blog SEO’d, i.e. search-engine optimized, for several years now. Results: a few clients @ a few hundred $; a few @ $1,000; 1 @ $34,400 (over 2 years); another @ $20,000 (over 1 year). I wish I could say that acquiring such well-paying clientele is happening more than that. Nonetheless, I do not intend to ever shut it down, but may alter how it works & its focus. Those clients, of course, did not offer those retainers up front. They still had to be “sold.” German empire colorAs we were successful, they ordered more research in numerous villages of Germany, Poland & Lithuania (mostly Prussia & non-Prussia provinces). No, I did not want the keyword “German Genealogy.” for that would have brought on too many without the capital to spend for Germany Genealogy research.

So, long story short: We will now only accept retainers in increments of $1,000.  How many thousands can you budget? It is said by many that we SAVE our clients thousands of $, while obtaining what they seek in The Old World.

If you have a budget of at least $1,000, please call 480-245-0879. Think that is too much? Ha! The research arm of wants $2,500 to start a European research project!
For us: If research is required on-site in Europe, then a minimum $10,000 retainer is required. Why? So that we might exhaust as much of the parish registers in various villages & parishes for as many ancestral families as possible!

Prussia or Preussen in green showing pockets of nonPrussia



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