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ILLEGAL Immigration. What is it about ILLEGAL that people canNOT comprehend?

a>Mother of Karl-Michael Salaa>Posted on (Arizona) GermanGenealog – 5/22/2010 10:38 PM 2 Votes

My [German] ancestors & my [German] mother came to this country LEGALLY. Help me understand–what part of ILLEGAL immigration is it that people canNOT comprehend? Many people have been turned down for several jobs because they could not speak Spanish. Although in 1990 I had a bonus-award winning track record, I personally was not given an executive leadership position in 2000 with the US Census Bureau because I was not Hispanic in origin. They called it Affirmative Action.
Welfare? Rehab? In spite of my documented disability [at that time], I was turned down in California. [That reminds me of the European church records archival bureaucrat who said: “Herr Sala, it is my job to keep you researchers from getting at my records.” While initially furious, we must] forgive them, for they know not what they do… Share This Post