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Specific–albeit limited–Village Censuses of Germans from Russia forthcoming!

  For the people of the Deutsches Reich (German Empire), many emigrated also to Russia!  Here is just a PARTIAL map of an area whence thousands of Germans migrated.

For German Genealogy Research, we now have access to the 2ndary (tertiary?) typescript .pdf & .txt source,  1857 Census of Eckheim, Samara, Russia.   It is now added to our 24/7 online account.  Several more should be forthcoming.  These are Censuses of predominantly Germans from Russia.  They’ll be in typescript format, showing the last name in both German & in Cyrillic lettering.  If you would like access to that or have us research therein or elsewhere in Europe for you, please call; then email your specific request.  Mail your data, documents & images, along with your $100 – $10,000  personal check or money order to:

Lynell or Karl Sala; 1303 Pearl Field; San Antonio, TX 78245 USA

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