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German Genealogy in the Family History Library! There’s a Family History Center near you!

After much ado about much to do, the ENGELHARD case has been cracked for a director of Deutsche Bank USA! Back 2 generations, after much work in Derdingen, Baden, we are now going to research Zaisenweiher, Wuerttemberg{;>) Many thanks to the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My tithing helps to pay for this public service location. But, be it known that it goes to show that you must firm up the foundation & the framing–prior to attaching the roof. You see, Lynell, again, found this matriarch in the NY Passenger List, which gave a place of origin as “Derdingen.” The family thought she originated in a nearby village called Sulzfeld. Been to those records; not there, but the matriarchal ancestor was found in, voila’, Oberderdingen. Back two generations, we shall now continue the research in a nearby village called Zaisenweiher. OFFER: If you can pronounce both of those, you get one free search from me. Call me 602-865-9695 & say ’em loud, live or on voice mail.{;>)

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