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Engelbert(h)a Stroebele was not a Krupp! David Stroebel’s hypothesis disproved.

  • Conversation started August 8

  •  12:01pm   Paul Landauer

    Dear Karl, Thank you so much for putting online original German records from Sigmaringen, photographed in the parish office, to prove the true identity of Engelbertha Stroebele, who was definitely NOT a Krupp! Your research greatly benefits the historical and genealogical community. Greetings from Germany and keep up your blessed and dedicated work, Paul

    Engelbertha Stroebele née Arnold

    The author Dstrob seems to know the real identity of this supposed Krupp-daughter. In 2011 he hired an genealogist and from this genealogist he recieved the birth entry of Engelbertha Arnold in the Sigmaringen Church Books. It reads: Engelberta, ehel., kath., Eltern: Arnold, Jos., Registrator bei der fürstl. Hofkammer, und Barbara, geb. Biedermann (Bindermann? [Karl-Michael Sala, German Genealogist since 1979, adds: No, it is definitely Biedermann; compare the other letters e), geb. in Sigmaringen, am 13. Juni, nachmittags 9 Uhr. (Engelberta, legitimate, catholic, parents: Arnold, Jos., clerk at the Princely Exchequer, and Barbara née Biedermann, born in Sigmaringen, 13th of June, 9 o’clock in the afternoon) Birth date and names of parents are identical with the on Spiegel Online published New Jersey death certificate of Bertha Stroebele. BTW: the birth year is according to the Sigmaringen Church books, which are official documents, 1851, not 1854. And the New Jersey death certificate reads 1851, if read exactly, not 1854, as Dstrob maintains. And this “author” talks about restoring hist ggrandmothers honor! He is making her a laughing stock! And all this because he has no clue on reality of inheritance law. At least we can verify the Hohenzollern Connection: But it isn’t Imperial Berlin, it’s princely Sigmaringen. MfG ( (talk) 10:57, 8 August 2013 (UTC))

    More interesting links: *GOOD GRIEF!!!!*

    Talk:Engelbertha Stroebele – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Lol: A poor shoemaker as an officer of the Prussian Army? – Unthinkable. Engelbertha was no Krupp, and her real parents are mentioned in her death certificate: Joseph Arnold(?) and Barbara Bie… @Mr St…

    The Truth shall set you free, my brother in spirit.<br /><br /><br />
I am more a giver than a taker. I gave you what you needed rather than what you wanted. You should be friending me, not unfriending me. Considering now how many THOUSANDS of $ worth of your time & trouble I will have saved you, how about sending $1,000? OK, send whatever you think my work was worth. PayPal acct # MFHM1979@MSN.COM I will accept installments--& your public apology. If you wish, please obtain the 2nd & 3rd opinions of other German Genealogists. It is now high time for you to man up, my fellow veteran of the USAF. You're now a free man.
    • Karl-Michael Sala Looking closer at the death cert, it WAS actually 1851, for the top handle of the 5, angled over to the 1 & made the 1 look like a 4. And the signing physician also used an 1851 for the year. AND, CRUCIALLY, THE PARENTS GIVEN ON THE DEATH CERTIFICATE ARE THE ONES GIVEN HERE. So, case closed, David Stroebel.
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