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88th endearing endorsment received for German Genealogy from Vickie Wagner-Smetanka

Vickie Wagner-Smetanka (client) hired you as a Genealogy in 2012 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“”Put “german genealogist” into an internet search engine & guess whose website comes up organically–i.e. non-advertised–at the TOP OF THE LIST? How did he do that? I learned about Karl-Michael Sala online as a German Genealogist who could seemingly in very rapid, but methodical methods & means, crack difficult European genealogy research cases that others could not. I watched him do so for several other people in Germany, Poland, Prussia & Russia! He has on-site researchers in Poland & Moscow, Russia who have cracked 4 of Karl’s clients’ cases in the last few months. So, as a professional researcher myself, I opted to give Karl a reasonable retainer just to test him out on MY European “brick wall.” Oh, my gosh, I was stunned–as John Lennon might say “way beyond compare”–with the data, documents & images he immediately instant-messaged, showed & shared with me! He has already ordered the very microfilms for the location in which my target ancestor last resided—both German Census & parochial records ! And coming up with the name of THAT place is an exciting story of its own! He found my immigrant ancestor on a ship that departed from Hamburg, Germany. It gave his last known European residence in an archaic handwriting that was not only difficult to read, but the photography was seriously dark. He uses technology to lighten the dark & darken the light parts. After research, a genealogist is truly a hero or a zero. After having now witnessed his online research results & techniques for several people–including my own–Karl-Michael Sala is a hulk of a HERO! So, guess whom I’ve hired to work all MY clients’ European cases. You’ve got it–Karl! Ask him to tell you how he does this all from Phoenix, Arizona. Then clue me in! Vickie L. Wagner-Smetanka of Lapeer, MI” February 16, 2012

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