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Annette Adams provides kudos for Czech/German ancestry research resources…& “…for answering my [German Genealogy] questions, and pointing me in the right direction!!”

  • I have also benefited from The German Genealogist! Thank you so much for answering my questions, and pointing me in the right direction!!

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Annette Adams I was looking for my husband’s ancestors, who had migrated to Chicago, from near Prague. I had noticed tips and suggested sites for learning to read handwriting, and typed in a query concerning the town I was looking for, from a misspelled document! The town you helped me to find, was Nizbor. When I had looked, this was all I came across on the web.žbor As well as other mysterious names that I had googled from documents, that didn’t make any sense to me, and when I typed in my query concerning the names, and what I had found, and where to look, I was given feedback [by Karl-Michael Sala &/or Betseylee Browning] that very day, as well, where to look, what it meant, that the records were sadly not indexed yet, with the link to that location, as well as tips and suggested links and locations for Chicago/Czech and Prussian research in Illinois, and Canada, as well as links to ship records. On my own, it would have taken me much longer to find the needed information, to study, and collect accurate records, which gave me a greater chance of finding the right people.

Nižbor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Until 1918, NIŽBOR – NISCHBURG (German name only until the end of the 19th century) was part of the Austrian monarchy (Austria side after the compromise of 1867), in the RAKONITZ – RAKOVNÍK district, one of the 94 Bezirkshauptmannschaften in Bohemia.[1]Nižbor for Annette Adams in Provo








Mr. Sala and his team have been very helpful in answering questions concerning family history queries, in a timely and professional manner. They have directed me to sources, links, histories, gazettes, and ship manifests that have helped to locate ancestors, and documented births, deaths, emigration and immigration records. They have answered questions concerning spelling, and name alterations through historical events. Mr. Sala, kept me on track, and focused, and made sure that my search was in the right direction, so that I would not waste my time or his, without saying so. It was fun and exciting to receive his help, and the help of his team as my search for relatives became not only a dream but a reality. After visiting with him, and doing my homework with his council, I was able to ask family questions with greater depth, and they were surprised and amazed that I knew so much about my husband’s side of the family, even though they live in the Mid West, and we in the Wasatch Mountains! It is pleasant to work with knowledgeable and professional people, who not only know their material, but also, love their job!

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reviews from Annette Adams , (zip code: 84004) on 11/25/2013

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