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Another German city of origin ascertained via USA research! It was far from the client’s proposed Bayern (Bavaria)!

Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979!

JohnK, GREAT NEWS! We’ve a document showing the city in which your immigrant ancestor & his parents were born!  Not in Bayern! Our offer is $1,000. We’ve several documents to be posted on BoxDOTnet

Lynell & I pride ourselves in saving our clients thousands of $ WHILE getting them what they seek!  How many years have you now been trying to get this?

Indeed, your having chased around in Bayern was not the correct methodology for BIERSOLL research.

You see, the contruction of a building does NOT begin with the roof, not the siding, nor even the framing.  It begins with the foundation !  Even then, many clients are unaware of the cracks that we find in their foundations.  We repair the flaws even when they object.  If they object too much, we cease our service contract with them.

This former Minuteman Missile Communications Maintenance Tech & USAFR Intelligence Officer is pleased to have served you. Thank you also for your service to our country & the world.

You may PayPal or we will accept your personal check made out to Lynell or Karl Sala. Mail to:
5010 E Cheyenne Dr #1023; Phoenix, AZ 85044 USA

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