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Yet ANOTHER prospect’s German Genealogy research case cracked & confirmed in the Hamburg Passenger Lists!

Another prospect’s German Genealogy research case is cracked in a New World passenger list & confirmed in the Old World’s Hamburg Passenger [departure] List!

This was done for a Genealogy Freelancers German Genealogy research prospect, who has yet to hire or select us to complete the upload of his digital images to  From there, the digital images are retrievable by the client or his fellow descendants, 24/7!  How would it be if we could do that for you, too?

We first found the target family’s arrival in the New World.  That data, document & image indicates the target ancestor, his brother & brother’s wife had arrived via Hamburg.  Half-Bingo!  So we then go to both the Direct & Indirect Indexes to find these 3 relatives traveling together on the same ship, with slightly different spellings of the surname, D________N. 

It also provides their place of last residence!  This geo-data is absolutely crucial for continuing research!  However, not every emigrant departed from Hamburg.

We’ll share more details after (if?) the client hires us to continue the research.

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