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Cathy Champion (client) hired you as a Business Consultant [German Genealogist] in 2001



Cathy Champion (client) hired you as a Business Consultant  [German Genealogist] in 2001 Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Karl-Michael’s websites on German and Italian genealogy are exceptional! They provided me with such diverse information during my research on a book that I became interested in the “how” of the info collection process and eventually became involved in transcription work. It’s astounding to me the speed at which records appear on the internet once they are submitted. He has managed to train many dedicated people who care about the correctness of those records before they appear online. I’ve researched on and transcribed for other groups and no where else have I found records so correct and unusual. His sites delve into the lives of individuals – mostly immigrants – and supplies the intimate parts of those lives we so yearn for – marriages, bapitisms, deaths, locations – so that life is breathed into their histories. Only a dedicated and enthusiastic person could produce that perception through records on a website. I find myself returning again and again, seeking more on my “people” and I am rarely disappointed.” September 24, 2012


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