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DNA vs REAL German Genealogy research?!

Karl-Michael Sala  October 25 at 6:42pm · Chandler, AZ ·

Annette Unrau Adams in re: DNA vs paper trail

October 25 2015
“But from my mother’s side I am aware that there may be Lithuanian, and Hungarian ancestors, I wonder if there is another test that shows that, but for now, I will have to rely on a hard to track paper trail, which requires time, and $$$ and possibly help from people like Karl-Michael Sala. I know he does an excellent job finding records. But for now, I have to go with what I know.”
We’ve had success in difficult-to-decipher Lithuanian records for a South African client, Otto Müller. Hungarian for Bonnie Balogh Rosado. Right, Bonnie?

Bonnie Balogh RosadoBonnie Balogh Rosado You are so right, Karl-Michael! You have blessed me and my entire family with so much information about my [Hungarian] ancestors that we never knew. I will forever be grateful, my friend and brother. heart emoticon    

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