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Endorsement online #65 for Karl-Michael Sala,

On, Dean L. McLeod has recommended your work as a International German Genealogist at

Dean L. McLeod·V.P at First Villages Consulting, Inc
To: Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979!
August 22, 2011

Details of the Recommendation: “In the field of professional genealogical research, experience is one of the most valuable assets. Although I can’t say positively, I’ll bet that he is in the top one percent of those currently practicing in the field as to longevity in Germanic research. Even though I know nothing of his current fee structure, I can say this; knowledge and experience always out-weighs the cost per hour when looking for a professional.”

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  1. Thanks Dean McLeod!

    You might be interested to know that a few years ago, I took Norm Moyes’ advice to not charge by the hour & ask the client as to the value of what they sought.

    “So, Lois Jurss, you’ve been working this research for how long & how much money have you already put into it?” Lois: 10 years & at least $1,000.

    “OK, if I find his place of origin, would you pay me $1,000?” Lois: Sure!

    So, she indeed offered $1,000 for the place of origin. So, what did I find within 4 hours? Tirschtiegel, Posen, Preussen or Trzciel, Poznan, Poland! Do we have records for that place? Yes, both online & offliine on microfilm. Several thousand more $ flow into the account for that research on not only that line, but another one in Hessen! Here’s a link to view the report on the first one.

    Then she offered $100 to find him in the 1880 Census. So, guess what I found within 15 minutes? The target immigrant ancestor, whose name had been seriously botched!

    So, initially speaking, how about $250/hr & $400/hr? Was the client miffed or felt like she’d been ripped off? Not at all. Indeed, she wrote me also an endearing endorsement on Linkedin!

    How many of those clients have I had? She was it. This year, September 2011 to December 2011, I will try to get more of that type of client this year.

    We advertise $50/hr. Probable worth: $100/hr. Truth: perhaps $25/hr. You know how it goes: You’re just about to crack the case. Your fingers are itching to get to the Bottom of the case. So, you put in extra time. You’re lucky to get out of it with an earning amount approaching Minimum Wage.

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