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Free German Genealogy? Sure! Get all you can. When it runs out, to save effort, money & time, hire!

The laborer in your ancestral vineyard is worthy of his hire!


These are the three Germanic provinces in which we have set major new milestones in terms of quantity & quality research.  With the best technology ever,  in less time & more countries than ever, more images (1,000+) have been digitized than ever before by Karl-Michael Sala of German!


[In order to get a sufficient image size, it appears the image is going to be a bit squeezed to the north & south.  But, it is such a good one that shows all the bordering provinces to Bayern or Bavaria.  It lacks only that the large area to the right is Bayern or Bavaria!]


I just received on Facebook an unnerving note from a former client:

“…Most notably Bavaria areas.  This is a free country and I don’t think you should pay to find your family.  Sorry.”

    • You reply that you don’t think you should pay to find your family?  I also don’t think you or I should have to pay!  My paying clients get a lot of pro bono research.  Why?  Because I believe these people WANT to be found.
    • As a fellow TBI survivor, you should know that this means a lot to me and your ancestors!  But you are neither paying NOR finding them.
    • I’d love somebody to find my Sala immigrant ancestor!  Will you do it?  Rent, mortgages, cars are not free.  Whenever I walk out of the grocery store with items, they actually want me to pay for them.  Go figure.
    • Sure, find all you can for free.  When that runs out, contact the research couple who since 1979 has found thousands!
    • The laborer in your ancestral vineyard is worthy of his hire… Or do you get free grapes?{;>)
    • Now then, PayPal some funds & we’ll continue to work on your tree.  As I recall, there, we have already done more than that for which you have paid. Hmm, that could be taken wrong: You got your money’s worth & then some.

  • There.  I feel a whole lot better.  Don’t you?

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