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Germany/Prussia Genealogy research consultant kudos

Betseylee Browning, genealogist, has recommended you on LinkedIn,

i.e. your work as a Administrator & Expert Researcher (Ancestry, Genealogy & Family History) at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community.

January 10, 2013

Details of the Recommendation: “I have worked with Karl-Michael Sala on the FamilySearch Genealogy Research Communities on Facebook for the past two years. He has graciously volunteered his time and expertise to our pages especially in Germany and Poland. We have had a great success rate as a team in solving patron’s lines connecting them in Germany. This has been difficult at times because we only see part of the information and because many times the town’s names have been misspelled. It is also hard because of boundary changes. Karl Michael expertise has solved these difficult problems. With Karl-Michael’s help we have answered many questions on how to do research in these countries and helped with translations of documents. Karl-Michael has added “spice” to our pages and we appreciate his help very much.”

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