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Got Castles? Want Castles? OK, German Castle etchings or images?

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(for German Genealogy research)

Kimberley Reid ·Illustrator Artist – — — and — Graphic Designer —

To: Karl-Michael SALA, Genealogist & Google Adwords Sales
Date: September 27, 2010

Hello [K]arl, Yes, a small banner ad of your logo would be best on my sites links section.

If you ever need any historical etching reproductions of German castles or other Euro countries, let me know. I have 17 German castles in stock:

— Cotrone Castle
— Ehrenfels Castle
— Falkenstein Castle *
— Heidelberg Castle *
— Hohenaschau Castle
— Imperial Castle
— Marksburg Castle
— Mouse Tower
— Neuschwanstein Castle
— Pfalz Castle
— Rüdesheim Castle
— Schwaneck Castle
— Stolzenfels Castle *
— Trifels Castle
— Unnoth Castle
— Welfen Castle
— Zwinger Castle

* multiple views of that castle. I know there are many other German castles I still need to collect. Over 500 Euro castles in total. Most listed on my page:

All my original scans are very high res and scale up into large posters nicely. We sell watercolor paintings of many castles too. My dream is to visit Germany and paint many of these castles on location. Have you visited many of these castles?

Nice to chat. Thanks. Kimberley

Hi Cimberley{;>) I am Karl; not Carl (altho’ the check cashes either way). No, I was always concentrated & focused on cracking client German Genealogy research cases. I like, of course, the castles in Kassel, Hessen, Germany: The Herkules & the Loewenburg.

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