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Bark up the right German genealogy geographic roots, branches & trees! Heinzendorf? Which one? Meyers (entire German empire) gazetteer? Schlesien gazetteer? Posen gazetteer? What sayeth the family rumors? POSEN!

  • Prussia or Preussen in green showing pockets of nonPrussia [patron’s cute little one (she can’t help it{:>)

Nicole Deaton Bangerter (fellow professional genealogist)

[After other German researchers were trying to take her down the wrong Schlesien road, she wrote to Karl-Michael Sala]:

“Thank you for insight! I am going to finish up the research (ie research report and findings) and refer my uncle over to you. I have learned so so much and this has been very exciting!”

  • Now, you BEGIN to see why. We SAVE our clients & patrons THOUSANDS of $, while putting them on the best path for their research–or we do it for &/or with them{:>) 
    We prevented this patron from barking up the wrong Heinzendorf geographic locations in Schlesien (Silesia) in old Prussia or Preussen. The major best research practice shared was for her to stick with the notion that had been provided by the family rumors & stories of THEIR Heinzendorf being in POSEN, per se! A little alteration of the spelling & by having checked (& taught her to also check) the Posen provincial gazetteer, there is ONLY ONE clear location: HINZENDORF{:>) We then taught her how to obtain the name of the precise parish for her ancestral target location: Schlichtingsheim! Yes, there are some available parish registers for that location. She WAS also going to correspond with Berlin records repositories–which would have likely not gotten her anywhere. <sigh> Excuse me while I wax somewhat emotional at this coaching, researching, mentoring, finding & then sharing. Now, if I have any family, friends & fans who want me to be more humble, this is about as good as it gets. This, because, for the client, this is also As Good As It Gets! Right, Susanne Peterson Haring & John Wayne Erb & Dave Johnston & Scott Spencer & several other former & present managers? Linking people, skills and opportunities to create…

    shows juxtaposition & close proximity to Schlesien
    shows juxtaposition & close proximity to Schlesien
    Posen large Schlichtingsheim in red on SW border adjacent to Schlesien n Oder river
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