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Using the Mecklenburg Census Records

May 11, 2012 By 1 Comment

Now that the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census records are online, it’s time to use them. If you have been looking for ancestors from this area, you probably know that Mecklenburgers were “movers”. They moved where the work took them. Obviously this makes finding them much more difficult. The online census may give you new clues as to where to find your ancestor.

There are currently three sets of census records in the Germany Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census. They cover the following years:

  1. Mecklenburg-Schwerin census 1867 with 253,140 images online

  2. Mecklenburg-Schwerin census 1890 with 97,846 images online

  3. Mecklenburg-Schwerin census 1900 with 961,656 images online

There is no index for the 1867 census at this time. It will be necessary to search the record by towns. This census includes three lists:

  1. Bevӧlkerungstabelle: Heads of household and a numerical count of others.

  2. Zählungsliste: All household members, birthdates,religion, marital status, occupation and nationality.

  3. Nachtragsliste: Those absent from their main residence at census time.

The Mecklenburg-Schwerin census for 1890 has a searchable index found at this link. After typing in your search information, you will see a list of names closely matching what you typed in. Click on the name you are interested in and a name will appear from the index, as well as the link to the image where that name is found.

The census image is a preprinted form written in Gothic print. This census gives the following information:

• Name
• Gender
• Birthdate
• Birthplace
• Religion
• Marital status
• Occupation
• Nationality

Because these records list a birthplace, you should then be able to find the parish records where the person’s birth information may be located.

The census for the year 1900 also has a searchable index found at this link. These images have a slightly different format than the 1890 census. They have also added some additional information. Information on this census includes the following:

• Name
• Gender
• Marital status
• Birthdate
• Birthplace
• Occupation, with work postion held
• Residence, with district location
• Village/town of occupation
• Religion
• Mother language
• Citizenship
• Physical handicaps such as sight, hearing, bodily injuries, etc.

Because the last two census’ listed are indexed, it will be much easier to locate your Mecklenburg-Schwerin ancestors. If you are searching for your ancestor, you need to give these indexes a try!


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