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More pro bono work for strangers; another South African records mystery solved!

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Parish registers, Catholic Church, Sacred Heart, Bloemfontein (Orange Free State), 1849-1992
authors: Catholic Church. Sacred Heart (Bloemfontein, Orange Free State), (Main Author)
format: Manuscript/On Film
language: English, Latin
publications: Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1992
physical: on 3 microfilm reels, 35 mm.

Microfilm of records in the archives of the Roman Catholic Church, Bloemfontein, Republic of South Africa.

Text in English and Latin.  Includes indexes.

Baptisms, marriages, confirmations, first communions, and deaths of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Bloemfontein, Orange Free State. Confirmation, marital and death information is sometimes included with baptismal records.

Subjects    South Africa, Orange Free State, Bloemfontein – Church records

Film Notes   Note   Location   Film

Marriages 1882-1902 Baptisms 1882-1898 Marriages (addenda) 1902-1907 Marriages 1902-1924   FHL INTL Film   1864076 Items 2-4

Marriages 1924-1954   FHL INTL Film   1864076 Items 6-8

Marriages (civil copy) 1954-1972 Marriages (parish copy) 1924-1992  FHL INTL Film 1864077 Items 1-3

Baptisms index 1849-1929 Baptisms (parish copy) 1849-1881, 1898-1950  FHL INTL Film 1864077 Items 10-13

Baptisms 1950-1992 Confirmations 1887-1944  FHL INTL Film  1864078 Items 1-5

Confirmations 1947-1992 First communions 1946-1991   FHL INTL Film  1864078 Items 7-8
Deaths 1930-1992  FHL INTL Film   1864078 Items 10-11

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