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Multi-year client now adds even more kudos for online & on-phone expert consultations by The German Genealogists, Karl-Michael Sala

Cathy Balmer

So thankful that we are able to work with Karl-Michael Sala, just 45 minutes away from us and a phone call when necessary. He’s been helping Walter work on his Promnitz Family line. He was hired on at Ancestry when they first started their European research group. He makes excellent and very logical conclusions. He suffered a T[B]I [in 1995] … Ancestry decided to let him go. Since that time, he’s become a good friend and is a great genealogist. He has his own web site at His helpfulness and expertise is sound. Highly recommended. Points out things the amateur could easily overlook. Check out his web site and give him a call to see if he can help you through any of those brick walls you might have. Tell him Cathy and Walter H. Balmer Jr. referred you to him. You will not regret it!

The German Genealogist

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    • Karl-Michael Sala
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