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New one: for “germangenealogist” is rated #1-10 (minus 2) on

New one: for “germangenealogist” is rated for “German Genealogist” #1-10 (minus 2) on

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  1. If you are interested in hiring a Professional Genealogist to research your family history then look no further. I am available right now to begin researching your family history. I primarily work out of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska for in person research but have access to information from all over the United States. I am looking for new clients right now to assist in researching their family history.

    I am a former Ancestry Expert Genealogy researcher and have several years experience researching genealogy and family history. I have experience researching Birth records, marriage records, death records, divorce records, naturalization records, military records, Wills and Probates, Land records, court records as well as researching newspapers for vital records information. I am experienced, thorough, concise and believe in providing 100% accurate research to my clients. So if you are ready to hire me right now, please email me at or see my website at to find out more.

  2. Great, Robert!

    I approved your message on my website.

    I also #1d your latest yearbooks & genealogy books blogs. Feel free to try again. It is OK to post your full name & financial arrangements.

    If you get any business via my website, I only ask for what I residually pay my referrors: 10% commission. It is on the honor system. If you choose to not pay, that is your prerogative. Please email that you agree to do that. If you elect to neither agree nor pay, I’m not going to hunt you down. It is a privilege to compensate someone for services rendered.

    When created an in-house Paid Expert Research Line, guess who was THE very 1st person they hand-picked? Karl-Michael Sala! Who was 2nd? My wife, Lynell Pierce Sala. Why? 80+% success ratio. And, that is after the subscriber had tried “everything.” Then, guess who was the PRIMARY German Research consultant for subscribers of[utschland]? Uh, right. Karl-Michael Sala

    When both of those projects were abandoned by–just as they abandoned the Experts like you–I was like a fish out of water. So, I created the website you found. Tell me how you found it.

    It has both qualified & unqualified visitors. But, since 2010, two qualified prospects have paid me an average of $14,000 EACH! So, you see, there is room enough for all of us, each with our specialty. Yes, I research all over the USA & Europe.

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