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Karl-Michael Sala accepts voluntary, service-oriented at-large position on the FamilySearch Genealogy Research Council and…

Karl-Michael Sala  I’ve been asked to serve on the FamilySearch Genealogy Research Council AND be an expert consultant on the FamilySearch Facebook pages for 1) Germany/Prussia & 2) Poland Genealogy Research Communities.

Yes, I accepted both & have already cracked several cases for patrons. There are more absolutely stunning items & services coming down the pipe! I have instilled much hope in patrons where there previously was none!


Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community

A genealogy research community is where you and others researching in the same area can: ■ collaborate on your research, ■ share your successes, ■ ask questions of each other, and ■ share knowledge you have gained as you’ve done your own research in Germany. Join the conversation!

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 Bonnie Balogh Rosado That’s an awesome gift you have to offer people. I know it certainly filled in some pieces of my life. What a thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift this would make. Certainly appropriate for – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, etc. …… The list goes on. 🙂

  •  Karl-Michael Sala Thank you, Bonnie Balogh Rosado. I get to be a “Santa Claus” all year long.

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