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We occasionally do some pro bono work in Czech (Janicek & Barosh) or German Genealogy

Georgia Posvar (client) Georgia hired [& commended] you as a Genealogist in 2011
Top qualities [abt.]: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
“I am pleased to say that Karl Sala very quickly was able to find that my family members arrived in the New Orleans Port of entry rather than the Galveston entry as I had been searching. I had been having no success and he solved that problem for me immediately. He has also shared information with me on and placed the New Orleans Passenger List on Box.Net so that all of the family and other interested individuals can also share this information which I think is truly great. He goes the extra mile to try to please you. Definitely give him a try, you will be pleased, as I am. He and his wife are so knowledgable in so many areas, whatever your need might be, please check out their bios first and you will be truly amazed of all the services he and his wife Lynell can offer you.” April 7, 2011 [Bio?]

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  1. Carol J Catlin wrote: I will give poetry that I have created and self-published to you online, entitled, “You Know Me”, to you in return for one hours search. There are over 150 poems and several pieces of creative writing.( some pieces are probably better than others) I also have some poetry I haven’t published yet. My 2nd great grandmother was born 10 Feb 1843 in Luneburg, Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. Her name was Maria Beiriger when she died, but before, when she gave birth to one of her children, her name was Maria Weideler according to family members. I have not found her on the index or at least names that look like they could be a variation of that name. If that is a good offer, I would be pleased to exchange. I mean no offense. Sincerely,
    Carol “”

    Karl rapidly responded: My reply through my website, for some reason, did not take. So, I’ll put it here & then email you directly.

    Dear Carol, For future missives, let us email directly. Tell me if this message came through with some gibberish in it.

    Yes! The title sounds like a great piece, Carol. However, I would also like a copy of the book.

    You might be interested to know that one of my clients is the publisher of Gentry Magazine.

    If you have works that are ancestral, history or family-oriented, those would also be desirable. If I post any of them, it will include your name, email address, URL & whatever else you request. For additional works that I wish to use, you will get more research.

    If we find your ancestor, I hereby request that you write a piece about the spiritual triad: her, you & me.

    I would need to see any data, documents & images you already have on the target ancestor, names of all spouses & children, i.e. in USA records. Is your family tree online anywhere, eg. If so, invite me to the tree as an “Editor.” I capably & stunningly do this now for several clients. My clients are shocked with the great things we add there. If you don’t have one there now, I believe they are still doable for no cost at all. Why? It’s in their, your & my interest.

    In 2006, when created a research team to help people on the telephones, guess who was THE very 1st person they picked? Right. Karl Sala. Who was 2nd? My wife, Lynell! Why? How about an 80% success ratio in actually finding what their subscribers had been trying to find for the last 3 decades?

    Lynell is also a sharp cookie. Lynell Pierce Sala has singlehandedly cracked 4 matriarchal German lineage cases for our clients–& she neither speaks, reads, not writes German!

    With what you send me–about your target ancestor–via email or regular mail, I will first analyze what you have. More importantly, I need to see what you do NOT have. Then, depending on what we see & don’t see, we’ll probably order the Lüneburg specific microfilm to see whom I can find being born on that date. It was an index as I recall, but perhaps it is alphabetical AND chronological, i.e. giving some indication as to date.

    Or, I might be able to see something on the microfilm that you did not. That has happened, oh, about 100 times since 1979.

    What was her religion, as far as you know?

    So, if this were a missing child, & I were the investigator (which I am) you would give me EVERYTHING you have and know about this child, wouldn’t you? Do likewise for this child, too.{;>)

    We believe she wants to be found & is highly interested in you-n-yours. Whether you believe this matters not, for if it causes us to do great work for you, then that is all that matters, right? No, I am not a psychic. This is not a ghostly affair, but rather a loving ancestral love affair with her descendants, who also love & respect her.

    See the last chapter of the Old Testament in Malachi. Also, the very first chapter of the New Testament also begins with a genealogy.

    …And some people try to tell me that genealogy is not important.

    Lynell &/or Karl-Michael Sala
    410 S Saddle St
    Gilbert, AZ 85233

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